Voiceworks - TC-Helicon Rack mount

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Tc-Helicon Voice Works Rack Mount Type New! Old Stock! Still wrapped in plastic!


TC Helicon VoiceWorks has multi-voice harmonies,

transparent pitch correction and fat automatic double-

tracking, all so realistic you can solo them with

confidence. VoiceWorks includes superb TC Electronic

effects and the new HarmonyHoldTM, which lets you

freeze your backing harmonies while you sing over

them. For live performance, Song Mode allows you to

save internal sequences of up to 50 songs with 30 user

presets per song. Add TC Helicon's quality mic preamp

(complete with 48V phantom power) and TC Electronic

Compression, EQ, Tap-Tempo Delay and Reverbs and

you have an amazing vocal channel with 100 user

presets at your fingertips. TC Helicon VoiceWorks

Features HybridShiftTM harmony generation for

smooth, natural sound 4 independent harmony voices, 4

distinct harmony Modes: Scale, Chord, Shift and MIDI

Notes 2 Lead-voice Thickening Voices - one voice above

and one voice below Humanization of harmony voices

utilizing: FlexTimeTM, Vibrato, Inflection, Pitch

randomization, Portamento Selectable Equal-tempered

and Just tuning for harmonies HarmonyHoldTM Scale-

based Pitch Correction for studio and live performance

Fully adjustable Gender and Voicing per voice High

Quality Mic Preamp with 48V phantom power TC

Electronic 3-band EQ plus low cut TC Electronic

Compressor/Gate TC Electronic Reverb/Tap-tempo

Delay Song Mode for live performance allows you to

save internal "sequences" of up to 50 songs with 30 user

presets per song MIDI CC control over all parameters

Features & details

A complete signal path from mic input to stereo

output. All you add is a PA, (or DAW) and your voice

Capable of creating up to 5 part harmony or doubling

with your voice

Harmonies can be controlled by MIDI keyboard or by

setting key and scale

100 user-programmable presets

Editor program for Mac and PC available free via


New old stock in the original box!

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