Swans 2.3+ ULTRA AUDIOPHILE Home Theater Rosewood Speaker PAIR - SPECIAL DEALER COST!!

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Sale price$20,999.00 Regular price$70,000.00


Swans 2.3+ Flagship Home Theater SPEAKER PAIR in Gorgeous Black Piano Finish.

The Finest Home Theater Speaker ever made.  This LISTING IS FOR ONE PAIR!
MODIFIED for MUCH better bass with B&C PRO
Subwoofer Speakers.
ASK any questions before you buy! - but don't tell anyone else that I am selling for this for less than DEALER COST - they normally go for $60000 per pair.  THIS IS AN ULTRA MAJOR SPECIAL UNTIL GONE!!!
This speaker pair has been demo'd at CES, but in perfect condition.  
We Have can also upgrade the woofers 4 x 250 Watt Power handling and higher efficiency AUDIOPHILE sound for an extra $3000.00
  We can also show you how to triamp this speaker pair for the ULTIMATE IN AUDIOPHILE or HOME THEATER LISTENING.
We have 2000 watt Powered subwoofers available also.
Make us an offer.   We have available  the 2.3+C  Center's and F5R+ Rear also if you like.  We are selling just the Matching Fronts on this listing.
We also have available you the Front Speakers with Active high quality Crossover and ultra clean power 3 Channel Amplification Rear mounted  at 1250 Watts RMS per Front Speaker.
 This is a monster speaker PAIR that is worth over $70,000.00 and will compare with any of the very best, no matter the cost.
ASK any questions before you buy!
We have MANY Swans Speakers - just get in touch - we are 10 years DISTRIBUTOR!!!
We also sell to Dealers!!!
We can raise this speaker to 1000 Watts RMS power handling if you like for a little extra cost.
2.8 Gloss Piano finish in Rosewood, F10 with Massive 15" Subwoofer, 1808 PRO with 1200 Watt RMS Massive 18" Subwoofer. 
ANd F1F, and 2.6 and F1.1+HT, and S600B HT, and Diva 4.2+ HT, and DIva 5.3+ HT and D3.2+ and RM1000, etc. 
Finish: BLACK Piano finish
Dimensions (W×D×H mm):  2080×687×620
Net Weight(KG/PC) 200 kg
Export Packing: Double Packing,total 1 piece into 1 carton
Outer Package Size(L×W×H mm):
Shipping Weight(KG/Carton): 250.5kg
Series: Hometheater Series
Model:   2.3 HT
System Type: 3-way 2nd order vented box system
Drivers Configuration:      Woofer: 4 x 6"
Subwoofer can be added for extra cost.
MID:   16 DMN Midrange High Quality Dome MID per Front speaker
  Tweeter: 16 RT1.3 Isoplanar Ribbons per Front speaker
Frequency Range: 35 Hz ~ 25kHz
Harmonic Distortion: 75Hz ~ 20kHz ≤1% (2.83V/1m)
Sensitivity(2.83v/m): 95 dB
Nominal Impedance:  8Ω
Power Handling: 250 or upgrade to 1000W for a little extra cost
Finish: Black Piano finish
Net Weight(KG/PC)
Export Packing Double Packing
Outer Package Size(L×W×H mm):
Shipping Weight(KG/Carton): 250 KG


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