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Versatile and Flexible Onstage and in the Studio

The PreSonus StudioLive RML16AI rackmount digital mixer is a complete mixing and recording package. This compact, 3-rackspace mixer is loaded with 16 fully recallable XMAX Class A preamps (including eight locking XLR/TRS combo inputs), as well as 32 internal channels, 25 buses, three main outputs, and a 52 x 34 FireWire audio interface. Both onstage and in the studio, the StudioLive RML16AI exhibits stellar sound quality, thanks to top-shelf Burr-Brown converters and PreSonus's acclaimed Fat Channel processing. And mixing on the PreSonus StudioLive RML16AI rackmount digital mixer is conveniently performed on your iOS device, Mac, or PC via UC-Surface touch-control software. You can mix from anywhere!

Performance perfection with ample analog and digital channel flexibility

With 16 analog inputs, there's room for everyone in the band to be heard. At Sweetwater, we've found that you can mic a whole drum kit, give everyone a vocal mic, and still have room for keys, guitars, and more, by virtue of 16 great-sounding XMAX mic preamps (including eight locking XLR/TRS combo inputs). Whether you're playing virtual instruments, sending your drummer a click, or adding backing tracks to the mix, the 16 digital channels give you the freedom to add more depth and musical interest to your live shows. Play along with tracks that your band lays down in the studio and give your audience the multitracked-CD feel at every performance. Fat Channel DSP processing places a compressor, limiter, expander/gate, and parametric EQ on every channel. Best of all, everyone in the band has the ability to control their own monitor mix onstage, and the sound engineer is free to focus on how your band sounds out front.

UC-Surface software yields total control with the touch of your finger

Inspired by the best of their StudioLive console's hardware and processing, PreSonus redefines your mixing experience with the RML16AI. Designed to include everything your old front of house rack had, UC-Surface touch-control software is your channel strip, your effects and processing rack, and your faders, all in one intuitive mixing tool. By capitalizing and expanding on the wireless networking power of the StudioLive consoles, PreSonus provides total system control with the touch of a finger, and it works on Mac, PC, and iOS platforms - at the same time!

Active Integration joins software and hardware

Active Integration is PreSonus's approach to creating an ideal mixing environment with tight hardware and software integration, giving you a powerful, scalable system that can grow with your needs. The StudioLive RML16AI Active Integration rackmount digital mixer has the power of 32-bit floating-point DSP, wireless and wired networking, and FireWire connectivity. The StudioLive AI software library gives you access to a suite of free software designed specifically to work with your RML16AI and other StudioLive mixers on Mac, PC, or iOS. So if you think StudioLive is cool now, just wait until you see what innovations PreSonus comes out with next!

Powerful and compact hardware delivers digital mixer power in a small package

PreSonus brings you the mixing power you need in a highly convenient package. In a mere three rack spaces, you get a mixer that provides studio-quality sound wherever you need it. You won't miss your old console - the RML16AI's front panel gives you the essentials every sound engineer needs, including a headphone section and LED meter bridge, and gives you the convenience of having all your XLR connections at hand. You'll have plenty of output flexibility too, thanks to both stereo and mono mix buses, and eight auxiliary outputs for monitors and zone mixing.

Real-time networking features for remote control, recording, and more

The StudioLive RML16AI is packed with networking options. Onboard AVB audio networking cascades with another RM or RML mixer, yielding up to 64 channels. Employ an optional SL-Dante-MIX card and enjoy 52 x 34 channels of audio that work with hundreds of Dante-enabled products. You can even network your RML16AI with a StudioLive AI-series console and use it as a remote stage box or monitor mixer!

Built-in interface for studio or live recording

PreSonus optimized the RML16AI to be a powerful live mixer. It combines crystal-clear analog I/O, high-quality Burr-Brown AD/DA converters, and powerful digital processing into superior audio for your PA along with a great-sounding recording rig. By simply adding a cable and your favorite DAW, the 52 x 34 FireWire 800 interface gives you up to 96kHz performance for recording live or in the studio. Use the 32 internal channels to add virtual instruments or click tracks from a DAW into your mix, and an additional 25 mix buses help keep your routing options flexible.

FREE Plug-in Suite for Your Favorite DAW

PreSonus delivers more value than ever with their mixers and interfaces, thanks to the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite. This extensive collection of seven popular plug-ins covers models of top studio gear from manufacturers such as Maag Audio, Lexicon, and Arturia, adding up to hundreds of dollars of extra value. Punch up your mix bus with Brainworx's bx-opto, add ambience with Eventide's SP2016-inspired Stereo Room reverb, fire up transients with SPL's Attacker, and much more. And since these plug-ins are available in AAX, VST, and AU formats, they're compatible with any DAW you choose.

PreSonus StudioLive RML16AI 16-channel Rackmount Digital Mixer Features:

  • 16-channel digital rackmounted mixer with wireless control and onboard DSP
  • Front panel places the headphone section, LED meter bridge, and XLR connections at your fingertips
  • 16 fully recallable XMAX Class A preamps deliver detailed, great-sounding reproduction
  • 8 locking XLR/TRS combo inputs for connecting microphones, guitars, keyboards, and more
  • 32 internal channels, 25 buses, 3 main outputs, and a 52 x 34 FireWire audio interface
  • UC-Surface touch-control software provides total system control with the touch of a finger
  • Fat Channel DSP processing places a compressor, limiter, expander/gate, and parametric EQ on every channel
  • Onboard AVB audio networking cascades with another RM or RML mixer, yielding up to 64 channels
  • Optional SL-Dante-MIX card provides 52 x 34 channels of audio that work with hundreds of Dante-enabled products
  • High-quality Burr-Brown AD/DA converters that operate up to 96kHz
  • Active Integration creates tight hardware and software integration
  • Note: Wi-Fi adapter is NOT included.

The PreSonus StudioLive RML16AI is a powerful 16-channel rack mount digital mixer!

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