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P Audio TM-12 Dual Gap Dual Voice Coil Subwoofers 

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Voice Coil – This super high temp voice coil design(250°C) has split windings on both inner diameter and outer diameter. This approach offers several advantages to the design engineer. Surface area of the coil is doubled compared to typical two layer designs. Furthermore, the inside layer of voice coil wire is closer to the heat sinking pole piece by the thickness of the voice coil Fiberglass bobbin. Additionally, the inside wire layer is not thermally insulated by the voice coil bobbin on the inside diameter as is the case in more traditional designs. 

 Dual Gap Motor – The inherent geometric symmetry of the Dual Gap 
Motor design results in reduced harmonic distortion caused by motor non-linearity. Specifically, flux modulation, inductance modulation, asymmetrical driving force, DC offset. Additionally, the Dual Gap Motor has double the heat sinking front plate area as in a single gap motor design.

 Dual Spider Suspension – The extremely long wheelbase of this design, the distance between the surround roll peak and the rear spider, offer significant improvements in these transducer mechanical stability. Furthermore, two heavy-duty spiders work in a push-pull or mirror image configuration. This also results in a reduction in harmonic distortion. Additionally, a large roll, heavy-duty rubber surround along with the two progressive roll spiders allow very high mechanical excursion of the transducer moving assembly.


Size (in.): 12.0 
Power RMS (Watts): 400 
Fs (Hz): 49.0 
Xmax (mm): 10.0 
Sensitivity 1w/1m (dB): 91 
Qts: 0.52 
Vas (lt): 17.51 
Frequency Range (Hz): 25-300 
Magnet Material: Ferrite 
Voice Coil Diameter (in.): 3.0

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