Marani Pascal PDA500PF 2-Channel FIR Power Amplifier(2x500W@4Ω

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PDA500PF is a complete solution dedicated to 1-way or 2-way self-powered loudspeakers. Designed to meet different applications, it provides 2 channels with output power of 2x500W@4 Ohm or 2x250W@8 Ohm. In addition it offers a full set of added value features such as on board DSP and RS485 connection for monitoring and control via dedicated PC software. To guarantee maximum reliability, the PDA500PF includes a highly efficient universal switch mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction) which provides a total 1kW power to the 2 output channels. The 2 output stages use Class D module. The PDA500PF includes a set of sophisticated processes for loudspeaker, implemented by the powerful MARANI® DSP running 48kHz/24bit [96 bits precision for the internal intermediate processes] and high performance 24bit AD/DA Converters. Processes as Noise Gate, up to 512 taps FIR filters OR up to 48dB/Oct IIR Hp/Lp filters for X-over, parametric EQs per input and output sections, RMS compressor, alignment delay are available, all in all everything needed to optimize a self-powered loudspeaker. Moreover the Clip/Limiter function per channel provides output monitoring to prevent speaker damage with gentle gain reduction at clip threshold, in addition to the efficient heat dissipation system and Over-Heat protection which themselves ensure a reliability without compromises. Furthermore the PDA500PF is also equipped with a Dynamic Loudness function and an useful Pink/White noise generator. All setup parameters for input mixing, DSP features and the limiter setting are accessible by using the remote PC software.


A Powerful 512taps FIR is available for the System Phase Correction, based on System Response measurement.


Outstanding Performance High power output: 2 x 500W @ 4Ω  
                               2 x 250W @ 8Ω
Switched-Mode Power Supply with PFC and auto voltage sensing
Class D Amp Module - full bandwith PWM modulator with ultra low distortion
Full protection circuitry including Over-Current, Over/Under-Voltage, Output DC and Over-Temperature
Excellent sonic performance with 24bit high end converters coupled with 48kHz sample rate
Top-grade DSP Engine 10 band parametric equalization per input channel
8 band parametric equalization per output channels
12dB ADC Headroom is available
FIR OR IIR Filters for X-OVER:
The X-Over can be implemented both by FIR filters OR IIR Hp/Lp, as desired by the user which can select the FIR or IIR use by Sw.
FIR: Crossover filters can be created by the user selecting from 256 up to 512 taps, the FIR type and the Out Band attenuation.
         FIR coefficients can be imported as .txt file from external applications
IIR: Crossover filters with slopes from 6dB/Octave up to 48dB/ Octave including Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley and customizable topologies
Each output features a precision Peak Limiter with selectable Attack/Release time and Threshold.
On the Low Output, a Bell type Dynamic Filter for Driver protection is available.
Adjustable Delay time up to 161 ms for input  channels, and 81ms for output channels
Input channel includes a Noise Gate function, Pink/White noise generator, sophisticated Dynamic Loudness function and a High-Pass filter with slopes from 6dB/Octave up to -48dB/Octave including Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley and a RMS Compressor.
Direct PC/Network Connection Rs485 connection for system setup, monitoring and control via fully manageable remote PC software
Control Simultaneous control up to 32 units via PC software
8 Preset Selection by using rotary encoder switch
Security Lockout


Power & Amplifier section

Number of Channels 2
Max Output Power @ 8 ohms 2 x 250W              
Max Output Power @ 4 ohms 2 x 500W       
Output Circuitry Class D - full bandwith PWM modulator with ultra low distortion
Output Voltage +/-70 V (SE Mode unloaded) / Bridged +/-140V(BTL Mode unloaded) 
THD @ Rated power 4 (1kHz) <0.005% (20 Hz - 20 kHz, 8Ω load, 3dB below rated power)
Signal To Noise Ratio >120 dB (A-weighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 8Ω load)
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz ± 0,15 dB (8Ω load, 1 dB below rated power)
Damping Factor >1000 (8Ω load, 1kHz and below)
Power Supplies Switch mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction) and integral standby converter
Operating Range Universal Mains, 85-265V
Consumption / Current draw and Thermal dissipation @ 230 V 11.2W / -A / 38.3 BTU/h (Idle)
173W / -A / 143.4 BTU/h (I/8 max. power@4Ω)
Protections Over-Current, Over/Under Voltage, Output DC and Over-Temperature, Short Circuit Protection
Analog Input 1 x XLR electronically balanced, +12dB
Analog Output 1 x XLR electronically balanced (Link)
AD & DA Converters Cs42528 24bit
Frequency Response (DSP) 20 Hz - 20 KHz; -0.5dBu at 20 Hz and 20 kHz

DSP & Processing

DSP Resolution 24bit (data) x 24 bit (coeff.),54bit accumulation registers,  96 bit precision on intermediate processing data
Parametric Equalization 10 filters on each input channel
8 filters on each output channel
Filter Type Bell, Low/High Shelving Variable Q, HP/LP, Notch Filter
Filter Gain From -15dBu up to +15dBu by 0.5dBu resolution steps
Center Frequency Selectable with 1Hz resolution step from 20Hz up to 20kHz
Bell Filter Q/BW Q from 0.5 up to 10 by 0.1 resolution steps
System Phase Correction 512 taps FIR
Crossover Section FIR from 256 up to 512 taps coefficients, FIR type selection and out of band attenuation, operating from 250Hz, up as Xover point
accepted coefficients generated from External Application
Crossover Section IIR HPF/LPF Butterworth 6/12/18/24/48dB Octave
Linkwitz-Riley 12/24/36/48dB Octave.
Bessel 12/24dB Octave.
Filter resolution 1Hz
Input Special Filters FIR up to 512 Taps for System Phase Correction working with Internal Wizard Tool or importing Coefficients from External Application
High-Pass filter up to 48dB/Oct; Sophisticated Dynamic Loudness
Input RMS Compressor Drive from -12 to 6dBu; Threshold from -18dBu up to -12dBu; Attack time from 5ms up to 100ms;
Knee 0~100%; Ratio from 2:1 to 100:1;Release time from 40ms up to 1000ms (10ms resolution).
Output Peak Limiter Threshold from -18dBu up to +12dBuRelease time from 40ms up to 1000ms ; Attack time from 1ms up to 100ms;
Delay 161 ms, 20.8us increment / decrement steps on Input Channel and 81ms, 20.8us increment /decrement steps on each output Channel


User Preset 8
Front Panel GAIN pot. -30dBu ~ 0dBu
PRESET EQ 8 positions Rotary encoder switch
Red LED (Power); Yellow LED (Link); Green LED (Signal presence)
1 x XLR female connector (Input)
1 x XLR male connector (Link Output)
2 x RJ45 connector (M-LAN Rs485)
2 x Locking PowerCON® 20A: AC Mains (blue) - AC Link (white) 
Dimensions 13,99"x 2,8"x 6,11" (355x70x155mm)
Weight, Net / Shipping 3.52 lbs (1.6 Kg) / 4.96 lbs (2.5 Kg)

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