Marani Pascal MDA3-700M DSP Power Amplifier

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MDA3-700M is highly flexible and intelligent digital audio 3 Channels Class D power amplifier delivering up to a total of 2.1kW@4/8Ω or able to rive 70v/100v Constant Voltage Lines, in Direct Drive, without using internal transformers. To guarantee maximum reliability, for the 3 powered channels, the MDA3-700M includes one MARAN I SMPS and 3 highly efficient Class D Power Stages, each one working in BTL (Bridge Mode). The 3 output stages are very low noise and low distortion with efficiency up to 90% @ full load and also equipped with a full set of circuit protections. Designed to meet the most demanding residential application sound systems, it provides a basic set of features such as a matrix mixing mode where inputs may be routed/mixed in any ratio to any output.

The MDA3-700M includes a set of sophisticated processes for loudspeaker, implemented by the powerful MARANI® DSP running 48kHz/24bit [96 bits precision for the internal intermediate processes] and high performance 24bit AD/DA Converters. Processes as Noise Gate, dB/Oct IIR Hp/Lp filters for X-Over, parametric EQs per input and output sections, RMS compressor, alignment delay and Notch, Variable Q Hi/Lo Shelving and Hi/Lo Pass filters are available, all in all everything needed to optimize powered loudspeaker.

Moreover, a Overflow/Limiter function per channel provides internal processes monitoring to prevent Overflow Clipping to occur, in order to avoid feeding Class D amps with clipped waves and finally, jointly with a powerful embedded Clip Limiter, to avoid speaker damage with gain reduction at clip threshold. In addition, efficient heat dissipation system and Over-Heat protection are implemented, which themselves ensure reliability without compromises.

Furthermore the MDA3-700M is also equipped with a Dynamic Loudness function and an useful Pink/White noise generator. All setup parameters for input/output processes, DSP features are accessible by using the remote PC software.


Outstanding Performance High power output: 3 x1000W @ 4Ohm, 3x650W@8ohm or 70v/100v Direct Drive.
1 x Switched-Mode Power Supply  + 3 x Class D output stages with Efficiency up to 90% @ full load
Full protection circuitry including Over-Current, Over/Under-Voltage, Output DC and Over-Temperature
One more processed output for use in driving additional power amplifiers
Excellent sonic performance with 24bit high end converters running as 48kHz sample rate, 2+1 ( L/ R + SUB) outputs with full matrix mixing and extended Sound Processes set
Top-grade DSP Engine 12 bands PEQ filters per input channel
5 bands PEQ filters per output channel
Each band can be selected as Bell, Lo/Hi-shelving, HP/LP and Notch Filter
Crossover filters with slopes from 6dB/Octave up to 24dB/Octave including Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz- Riley. Gain Control, Noise Gate, RMS Compressor 
Adjustable Delay time up to 961 ms per input channel and 541ms per output channel.
Direct PC/Network Connection & Control

Front Panel USB
Ethernet interface for system setup, monitoring and control via manageable remote PC software
Simultaneous control up to 32 units via PC software
16 Preset Selection

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