Marani Pascal MDA2-140PAF Power Amplifier

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MDA2-140PAF(D)/MDA2-140PAF(T) is a highly flexible, powerful and intelligent 2-Channel power amplifier delivering up to a total of 2x140W @ 4ohms, or 1x280W to drive 70V/100V Constant Voltage Line in Direct Drive without using internal transformer. Designed to meet the most demanding portable and fixed installation sound systems, it provides a full set of value added features such as on board DSP, Wifi Connection, and optional extension of Dante ,  Ethernet and Bluetooth with aptX . MDA2-140PAF includes a highly efficient Switch Mode Power Supply, which provides power to the output stages. The 2 output stages use the Class D module-full bandwith PWM modulator obtaining ultra low distortion, high efficiency and also equipped with a full set of circuit protections. Furthermore the Clip/Limiter function provides output monitoring to prevent speaker damage with gentle gain reduction at clip threshold, in addition to the efficient heat dissipation system and Over-Heat protection which themselves ensure uncompromised reliability. MDA2-140PAF is more than an amplifier, but also a capable and sophisticated loudspeaker processor with its powerful MARANI® DSP running 48 kHz / 24 bit [ 96 bits precision for the internal intermediate processes] and high performance 24bit AD/DA Converters. It offers 2 channels of slope up to 48dB/Oct IIR HP/LP crossover filters, RMS compressor, parametric Eqs , alignment delay and white/pink noise internal generator, everything needed to optimize a loudspeaker system. Moreover, MDA2-140PAF supports sleep mode by setting time in the PC SW.


Outstanding Performance Excellent sonic performance with 24bit high end converters coupled with 48kHz sample rate
High power output: 2x140W @ 4ohms; or 1x280W for the 70V/100V Direct DriveSwitched-Mode Power Supply with auto voltage sensing Class D Amp Module - full bandwith PWM modulator with ultra low distortion Full  protection  circuitry  including  Over-Current, Over/Under-Voltage,  Output  DC  and  Over-Temperature Supports DanteTM  , Bluetooth with aptXTM  , Ethernet up to user's preference
Top-grade DSP Engine 5 band PEQ on input channel
7 band PEQ on output channel
Each band can be switched to Bell, Lo/Hi-Shelving variable Q HP/LP filters with slopes from 6dB/Octave up to 24dB/ Octave including Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley Input channel includes Noise Gate, RMS compressors, while output channels features a precision Peak Limiter with selectable Attack/Release time and Threshold.Adjustable Delay time up to 164.998 ms for  output
Network Connection & Control
USB or Wifi connection for system setup, monitoring and control via manageable remote PC software
Simultaneous control up to 32 units via PC software
3 Preset Selection


Power & Amplifier Sections  
Number of Channels  2
Max Output Power  2x140W @ 4ohms; or 1x280W for the 70V/100V Direct Drive
Output Circuitry  Class D - full bandwith PWM modulator with ultra low distortion
THD+N  <0.003% 
Signal To Noise Ratio   >105 dB (A-weighted, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 8Ω load)
Frequency Response   20 Hz - 20 kHz ± 0,15 dB (8Ω load, 1 dB below rated power)
Power Supply   Integrated power supply and auto voltage sensing
Operating Range   Universal Mains, 110-240 V
Consumption/Current draw and Thermal dissipation @230V 8.8 W / 0.086 A/ 30BTU/H (Idle) 54.7 W/ 0.277 A/ 187 BTU/H (I/8 max. power@4ohm) 331 W / 1.54 A/ 1130 BTU/H (Full power)
Protections   Over-Current, Over/Under Voltage, Output DC and Over-Temperature
Maximum Input/Output Level   +12 dB
Analog Input   2 x  electronically balanced, +12dB
Analog Output   2 x  electronically balanced,+12dB 
AD & DA Converters   24bit
DSP & Processing  
DSP Resolution   24bit (data) x 24 bit (coeff.), 54 bit accumulation registers
  96 bit precision on intermediate processing data
Input & Output Gain   -60 ~ +12 dB 
Parametric Equalization   5 filters per input channel; 7 filters per output channel
Filter Type  Bell, Hi/Lo-Shelving, HP/LP, Notch Filter
Filter Gain  From -15dBu up to +15dBu by 0.5dBu resolution steps 
Center Frequency  Selectable with a 1Hz resolution step from 20Hz up to 20kHz
HPF/LPF Filter  HPF/LPF up to 48dB/Oct, selected as Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz Riley 
Input Noise Gate 
threshold: -80 ~ -50dBu; Release time: 1~1000ms; Attack time:30~1000ms
Input Noise Generator  White/Pink Noise; Level: -40dBu ~ 0dBu
Input RMS Compressor  Threshold from -18dBu up to +12dBu; Attack time from 5ms up to 200ms; 
  Knee 0~100%; Ratio from 2:1 to 32:1;Release time from 0.1s up to 3s, with Make up -/+12dB
Output Peak Limiter  Threshold from -18dBu up to +12dBu Release time 0.1 ~ 5ms; Attack time 1ms ~ 900ms;
Delay  -up to 164.998ms on  output Channel
Dimensions  220x260x44(mm)
Weight, Net / Shipping  4.41 lbs (2.0 Kg) / 5.51 lb (2.5 Kg)

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