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DMN-A Dome Midrange



Rated Impedance





Resonant Frequency






Rated Power






Max Power






Sensitivity (2.83v/1m)






Net Weight






VC Diameter 






Direct Current Resistance






VC  Former



High-temperature Resistance CCAW



VC  Frame



High-temperature Resistance AL



Magnet System






Magnet Former



High-performance NdFeb



Recommended Crossover Point




 In professional loudspeaker field for a type of dome or cone-shaped loudspeaker units, which the result of the playback mid-range sound is better?In fact, really existing many different opinions. The people of like the cone-shaped mid-range unit think it can choose a lower frequency point, eg. 



    If choose in the 200 Hz-250Hz,it would be 3-4 times as the lowest frequency point of dome mid-range unit as cone-shaped unit. We will certainly overall right of consideration various factor When generally produce loudspeaker system and crossover, and will not try to use a 50 mm dome mid-range unit to go to match with 12 inches of bass-loudspeakers. Usually you can use a dome mid-range unit to achieve larger radiation space than a cone-shaped unit, we can get a clearer and transparent sound. 


    Because we believe above-mentioned viewpoints of dome mid-range unit, sure of it to send out the value of Hi-end sound. Following we are going to introduce the type of DMN-A of soft dome mid-range loudspeaker unit.


Compact size and small weight; Hand treated fabric dome; 50 mm voice coil with two big Neodymium rings; Vented design with a large non-resonant acoustic chamber; Opened plastic frame for effective cooling; Detachable back cap for critical "flat" applications.


The Dma-a delivers high-end sound in a compact, convenient size. The considerably increased rear acoustic chamber provides better sound quality suppressing parasitic reflections. Two Neodymium magnets from both sides of the top plate create a "sandwich" type magnet system which provides symmetric electromagnetic propertied of the motor structure, reducing distortion. The compact faceplate allows close positioning of complementary drivers. The Dma-a has a uniform acoustic power dispersion in the most critical frequency band. This driver will provide a smooth and natural transition to a tweeter, creating a very open, clean and lifelike sound.


The frequency curve of DMN-A is very smooth, from 800Hz to 8000Hz the asymmetry degree is -1.5 dB. When deviate 30 degrees away from the principal axis, descend the 3 dB in the 5.5 Khz, but the curve and axle frequency response toward to near very much. The DMN SPL of average sound pressure is 91dB. 


This unit can provide the pulse sound pressure output of 108.8 dBSPL. This is already more than enough to the family environment playback, even also can be competent in professional monitor system. 


Because it is by surprise smooth that the frequency response of this unit, so the DMN- A almost can match the usage with any unit. For example: Hi-Vi R1 ribbon tweeter, SD1.1 dome tweeter, its effective work frequency area is 800 Hz-8 Khz. Well worth mentioning of we can use this unit without rear crust, but need to pack it into the sealed space of being no smaller than the 1.50 L.



So you can design a flat 、 in-wall loudspeaker system, the same can send out a sound of high quantity.


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