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Eminence PF-350 12" Guitar Speaker
8 ohm


Offering complete tonal balance from top to bottom, this attack-sensitive and powerful 12??? model was co-developed with veteran session and touring pro Paul Franklin. With headroom to spare, the PF-350???s tone transfers from low volume to very loud with warmth and clarity, making it ideal for pedal steelers and 6-stringers alike.

???I finally have a speaker with complete balance, from highs to lows, where one frequency never dominates another. It gives me the flexibility to use my amp to dial in any type of sound while faithfully delivering beautiful tone at any volume.??? ??? Paul Franklin

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Nominal Basket Diameter             12", 305 mm

Nominal Impedance*      8 Ω

Power Rating*

Program Power  N/A

Watts    350 W

Resonance          63 Hz

Usable Frequency Range 65 Hz - 3.5 kHz

Sensitivity*          99 dB

Magnet Weight  109 oz.

Gap Height          0.285", 7.24 mm

Voice Coil Diameter         4", 102 mm


Resonant Frequency (fs) 63 Hz

DC Resistance (Re)           7.41 Ω

Coil Inductance (Le)         0.4m H

Mechanical Q (Qms)        8.48

Electromagnetic Q (Qes) 0.44

Total Q (Qts)       0.42

Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas)         61.94 liters / 2.19 cu.ft.

Peak Diaphragm Displacement Volume (Vd)           0 cc

Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms)         0.15 mm/N

BL Product (BL)  16.73 T-M

Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (MMs)          42 grams

Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP)           142

Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax)             0.79 mm

Surface Area of Cone (Sd)              545.4 cm2

Maximum Mechanical Limit (Xlim)              0 mm


Recommended Enclosure Volume

Sealed   Acceptable

Vented  Acceptable

Driver Volume Displaced 0.102 cu.ft. / 2.9 liters

Overall Diameter              12.29", 312.17 mm

Baffle Hole Diameter       11.06", 280.92 mm

Front Sealing Gasket        Yes

Rear Sealing Gasket         Yes

Mounting Holes Diameter             0.27", 6.86mm

Mounting Holes B.C.D.    11.69", 296.93mm

Depth    5", 127 mm

Net Weight         21.5 lbs, 9.75 kg

Shipping Weight 23.7 lbs, 10.75 kgs


Coil Construction              Edge-wound aluminum

Coil Former         Polyimide former

Magnet Composition       Ferrite

Core Details        Vented core


Basket Materials               Die-cast aluminum

Cone Composition           Paper

Cone Edge Composition Cloth

Dust Cap Composition     Paper