Eminence EJ-1250 16 ohm 12" Guitar Speaker

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Eminence Ej-1250 Guitar Speaker
 16 ohm   

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Big Vintage Tone ala Eric Johnson!

Eric Johnson is known for having some of the best guitar tones in the world. Eminence has teamed up with Eric and George Alessandro to create the EJ1250 guitar speaker. This 50W Alnico guitar speaker gives you killer vintage tone and amazing response. Not just another knock-off, the EJ1250 is a combination of American and British speaker characteristics, you'll get punchy lows, warm throaty mids and detailed highs. Grab the Eminence EJ1250 and get the speaker tone you have been missing!



Eminence EJ1250 12" Guitar Speaker Features at a Glance:
  • Powerful 12" guitar speaker with amazing vintage tone
  • Very responsive and articulate, will capture the nuances of your playing
  • Solid tone with punchy lows, warm throaty mids and detailed highs
  • 50W
  • 80Hz-5.1kHz
  • 8 Ohms
  • 8.5 lbs.
Pack your amplifier with vintage tone that Eric Johnson would be proud of, with the Eminence EJ1250 12" guitar speaker!

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