Eminence APT 150 High Frequency Horn

Eminence APT 150 High Frequency Horn

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This is a NEW Eminence APT 150 HORN;       CALL 801-771-1820 with any questions!!!

We have distributed Eminence for 18 years.
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        APT 150 Horn Flare         

TYPE: Constant Directivity         

THROAT SIZE:  1", 25mm         

DISPERSION:  90 x 40        

Low Recommended X-OVER: 1kHz         

WxHxD:  7.5" x 4.5" x 5.2"            

WxHxD:  180 x 113 x 132mm         

Cut-Out Size:  6.7" x 3.4", 160 x 85mm         

Weight:  1.0lbs, 500 g