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DETON AR28 Compact high performance 2-way line Array


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Theatre Sound - Reinforcement - Auditoria - Stadiums - Concert Halls and Theatres - Convention Centres - Open-air concerts and general events - Large Ballrooms and venues 
One  2-way  Line Array system   -  -  - High performance line array continuous and coherent wave front  - High resolution sound reproduction  - Perfect coupling and predictable coverage  - Compact 0 (H) x 15 (V) Dispersion -6dB 18mm  multi-laminated  birch  plywood  construction 12 Fast, integral rigging system with variable splay angles 

TYPE Tow-way  line  array  element         
Frequency  Response ( 3d B): 85 Hz -19 kHz 
Usable Range@-6dB:8 0Hz -20 k  Hz        
Horizontal Coverage Angle: 120 nominal ( -6d B) 
Vertical  Coverage Angle: Varies with array size and configuration( 15vertical Each one
Maximum  SPL Out put(calculated@ 1 m): 122 d B continuous, 128dB peak
Recommended Crossover:f 1:250Hz/active,f 2:2.2kHz/active 
Recommended Amplification: Mid-bass:4 00-800W    into  16  ohms . HF:150 - 300 W   into  16  ohms
Recommended  Signal  Processing: ASHLY  4.24C ,DN9848  and  other  Digital                                                                      ( System  Controllers  supported) 
Mid-bass  Frequency  Section : Mid-bass unit: 2X8"( 200mm)/2"( 50mm) voice coil, 
Mid-bass   reflex  loaded 
Band ass Nominal Impedance:16 ohms( Mid-bass transducers wired in series)  
Band  pass  Sensitivity: 97d B,1 W/1M 
Power  handing: 300W  Continuous,1 200W  Peak 
High  Frequency  Section HF   unit :1x 1 "( 25mm)e xit/ 1.75"( 44mm)voice coil   H F   compression drivers ,  horn  loaded
Box  Construction :Vertical  trapezoid  with 7.5  wall  angle, 18mm  multi laminate  birch  plywood                                 construction /8  handles 
Finish:  Wear-resistant Textured  black  paint 
Protective  grille : Black  perforated  steel foam  backed Input Connectors: 2-  P ins1 +/- f or H ighs,  P ins2 +/-f or M /LF, 
Fittings: Proprietary  rigging  system Dimensions[(FH,RH)xWXD]:(283,169)mm, *740mm*462mm
Weight: 70.4lbs/32KG

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