B&C Speakers 12HCX76 12" Neodymium Coaxial Speaker NEW! AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR!

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B&C Speakers 12HCX76 12" Neodymium Coaxial Speaker NEW! AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR!



  • B&C 12HCX76 12" Neodymium Coaxial Speaker 60 x 40 Degree

A single, integrated neodymium magnetic assembly is shared by the B&C 12HCX76 12" coaxial speaker's low and high frequency driver sections. When deployed, a 12HCX76 is capable of accurate pattern control and excellent projection, thanks to its carefully engineered waveguide coupled to the large-format high frequency driver.

The 12HCX76's high efficiency and accuracy make it especially suitable for compact bass reflex enclosures, stage monitors, and long-throw ceiling applications like hotel ballroom installations. Crossover not included. Recommended 12 dB/octave crossover frequency: 1,200 Hz.

B&C cone loudspeaker models range from 6.5" to 21", each built on a sturdy die-cast aluminum or stamped steel chassis for maximum mechanical reliability. Voice coils are wound in two layers inside-outside around polyimide or fiberglass formers, giving them the ability to withstand very high thermal stress. Loudspeaker cones are treated with a special stiffening finish, resulting in excellent rigidity and avoiding break-up problems when driven to full power. 

Many B&C speakers include carefully balanced copper or aluminum rings that minimize variations in the magnetic field during operation, reducing distortion and increasing accuracy in reproduced sound. Most models also feature a specially designed cooling path through the magnet assembly to further increase power handling and lower power compression. The NDL, NW, HPL, and NCX models use powerful neodymium magnets that offer a weight reduction of up to 60%, and special chassis designs for improved cooling. 

The design and optimization are performed with up-to-date Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to obtain the best combination of efficiency, linearity, and thermal exchange. Ongoing research and refining of the theoretical models and a constant updating of the measurement methods and instruments allow B&C to further increase excursion capabilities, consistency, and overall sound quality.


Product Specifications

o   Nominal Diameter12"

o   Power Handling (RMS)350 Watts


o   Power Handling (max)700 Watts

o   Impedance8 ohms


o   Frequency Response45 to 18,000 Hz

o   Sensitivity107 dB 1W/1m


o   Voice Coil Diameter3"

Thiele-Small Parameters

o   Resonant Frequency (Fs)42 Hz

o   DC Resistance (Re)5 ohms


o   Voice Coil Inductance (Le)0.8 mH

o   Mechanical Q (Qms)8


o   Electromagnetic Q (Qes)0.2

o   Total Q (Qts)0.19


o   Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas)4.2 ft.³

o   BL Product (BL)17.6 Tm


o   Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms)47g

o   Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax)4 mm


o   Surface Area of Cone (Sd)522 cm²

Materials of Construction

o   Cone MaterialPaper

o   Voice Coil Wire MaterialCopper


o   Magnet MaterialNeodymium

Mounting Information

o   Overall Outside Diameter12.4"

o   Baffle Cutout Diameter11.14"


o   Depth6.6"

o   Bolt Circle Diameter11.7"


o   # Mounting Holes8

Optimum Cabinet Size (determined using BassBox 6 Pro High Fidelity suggestion)

o   Sealed Volume0.25 ft.³

o   Sealed F3172 Hz


o   Vented Volume0.46 ft.³

o   Vented F3116 Hz


B&C 12HCX76 12" Neodymium Coaxial Speaker 60 x 40 Degree

o   BrandB&C Speakers

o   Model12HCX76


o   Part Number294-577

o   UPC844632086168


o   Product CategoryPro Coaxial Full-Range Speakers

o   Unit of MeasureEA


o   Weight12.3 lbs.


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